Mommy Hen's Day!

Mommy Hen woke up and heard absolute silence, a strange unusual absence of sound in her coop. No chicks running, no chicks chirping, no chicks asking for wheat to eat.


Chicks, were are you? - she called while getting out of bed.


She immediately thought they were playing with their tablets and phones. They usually were so absorbed in front of a screen, that they wouldn’t realize she was calling them.


Mommy Hen angrily ran downstairs, but there was no one there. All she saw was a trail of grains that led to the coop’s door.


How strange! Where are my chicks? –she wondered as she followed the path.


She opened the door and saw one of her chicks standing there while holding an arrow that pointed uphill.


Go over there mommy! – he said while giving her a flower he had hidden behind his back.


I've found one little chick, but I'm still missing three - thought Mommy Hen as she did what she was told.


On top of the hill was her second chick with another arrow and a balloon.


Take this mommy and go to the big old red barn – she said smiling while handing her the string.


I've found two little chicks, but I'm still missing two more - thought Mommy Hen.


When she arrived at the barn, her third chick opened the gate. He was dressed up as a waiter and had a grape juice box on a tray.


Mommy, do you want some wine? Please follow me!– he said while handing her the box.


Here's my third little chick, but where's the fourth one?- she wondered.


Inside, her fourth chick stood next to a table filled with treats, decorated with flowers and cards all the chicks had made for her.


Mommy, we woke up early and made this to share with you – said the fourth little chick, as the others arrived.


And so one little, two little, three little, four little chicks gave Mommy Hen a big hug as they said:


Every day is a new opportunity to celebrate you, mommy!

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