Baba’s Trip to the Moon

Baba always dreamt of going to the moon. Before bedtime, she’d sit on top of her treehouse and stared at the stars, imagining how fun life would be for a koala in outer space.
The universe had so much to give, she couldn’t just stay on the ground.
Seeing how big her dreams were, Baba’s parents decided to take some time out of work to help her build her very own spaceship. After all, they always told her that she should reach for the stars since the sky was no limit!
Baba sketched up a drawing of a craft specially fit for a koala astronaut and got to work with her mom and dad.
Mommy prepared the spaceship’s engine, Daddy cut pieces of wood and made the rocket out of scratch, and Baba painted all the pieces red, her favorite color.
They did everything together as a team, laughing and playing along the way.
After a few days, it was finally ready. She couldn’t believe it, it was time to fly up to the moon!
When the sun went down, she packed her things and suited up.
Bye Mom and Dad, love you to the moon and back! -  said Baba, while hugging them goodbye.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast Off!
Her spaceship rocketed up and left the Earth. The moon was much more beautiful up close than how it looked from her tree house window.
Baba opened the spaceships door and stepped out. She jumped from star to star, playing with the asteroids and comets.
After a couple of days of exploring had gone by, Baba suddenly turned her spaceship around and returned to Earth.
She landed in her backyard as her parents jumped out of their trees to greet her.
Welcome back, my sweet Baba! How was your trip?– asked her Dad.
Is everything ok? Why did you come back so soon? – asked Mommy.
Space is great – she said – but home is where my heart is! I realized I had more fun building my rocket with you guys than actually getting to the moon. It’s no fun to fly alone, next time we’ll all go together!

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