How to Make Your Kid Happy in 5 Minutes

We all have a kind of mental treasure box where we keep our most precious memories; if you think carefully, most of them are little simple things that we don’t know why but became special to us.

Time goes on, but memories...

Probably you don’t remember many things from your childhood, but sometimes you just hear a song and remember that it was Daddy’s favorite one, or you are just about to fall asleep and remember how Mom used to call you.

Little thing

There are a lot of things you can do every day that will become your kid’s most beloved memories from childhood. Yes, we know, you are a parent and your day is quite busy, but I’m giving you a list of easy to do things that will take 5 minutes or less of your day.

    • Say I love you daily and as many times as you like. Leave your notes inside of the lunchbox or in your children’s room so they can find it, you will make them smile and feel great, for sure!

    • Give your child notes with a message of appreciation when they do something good, who doesn’t like that?

    • Talk about each other’s day during dinner time, ask everyone in the family to share something nice that happened to them that day, make that a daily routine, we all love to share what makes us happy.

    • If you can’t be home for bedtime, send a voice message with a short story so your kids can feel you there, that will make them feel that you love to tell them stories and you enjoy doing it, even if you are not home.

    • Dance! Kids usually love to dance, you just need to play one song you know that your kids like and dance with them… don’t worry if you look silly, they will laugh and that is wonderful, a genuine expression of happiness.

    • The key is repetition, make it a routine and those simple actions will become beloved memories!

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