Dress Your Kids Up As Their Favorite Toy, Our Stylish Halloween Costume Ideas!

It’s difficult to find a Halloween costume for your kids that’s stylish and comfortable. Yes, we know that there are going to be kids dressed as Dori, and even some as Suicide Squad Villains, but keep in mind they won’t stand out as unique. Most of those costumes tend to look tacky or are made of cheap materials. Why not dress your little ones up as their favorite toy this year, while wearing the best brands? Here are some creative outfit ideas you are going to love!  

Downton Abbey Lady Mary Bear

No one screams elegance and luxury more than Lady Mary Bear! This Junior Gaultier red silk satin dress is perfect for a fancy Halloween get together. It even comes with a black chiffon overskirt that doubles as a cape, in case you want to give it a little bit more of a modern style. And since we know they’ll probably get lost in the way, why not pair it up with these simple black satin gloves and this bear ears headband.

Wiser Toys Blog Costume

Sylvain the Stuffed Rabbit

Bunnies are a cute animal to dress your babies up as, but how about giving it a little fashion twist? Sylvain loves to wear his comfy red striped pajamas, similar to this Petit Bateau body suit. Add a Little Goodall Bunny Hat and paint a cute nose and whiskers, and you are ready to go. If there’s some chilly fall weather where you’re going to Trick-or-Treat, bundle your little one up in an Animal Luxe Coat!

Wiser Toys Blog Costume

Paw Patrol

Halloween is a great day to stand out with bright color, so being twins with Marshall from PAW Patrol will be an awesome choice! Your precious little one will be ready to take action in these Mud Pie knit trousers complete with suspenders and a red firefighter hat . But wait, you’re going to need some doggy ears to match, so why not make a bonding experience out of it? Teach your child how to make them by guiding yourself with Martha Stewart’s Felt Puppy Ears DIY.

Wiser Toys Blog Costume

Roudoudou the Lion

Roar! Roudoudou the Lion loves nothing more than being admired when he passes by, and so will your babies when you take them out this Halloween dressed in Stella McCartney. To finish off this gorgeous  look, add a Lion Knit Cap & Bloomers Set! This cute outfit is the best combination between fashion and fun! 

Wiser Toys Blog Costume

We hope you have a very fashionable Halloween!

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