Ignite Your Child's Love for Photography!

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It's becoming a trend to see kid's grabbing their parent's phones, opening the camera app and snapping pictures for hours. They love to capture images and view them afterward, which helps with their visual sensory development.

If your child seems to enjoys this, support their passion and start teaching them to use a proper camera. The most important thing is to open the doors to their creativity and here are some tips to do so: 

  1. Let's be honest, sometimes it seems a little scary to hand kids a camera, mainly because of the fear of them letting it fall. For starters, let them use a small camera that can fit in their hands. Explain to them why they need to be extra careful with it and always keep it around their wrist or neck using straps. You can also purchase a child proof camera if you like.
  1. They know how to use the simple accessible camera on phones, but real ones are a little different to handle. Show them how a camera is supposed to be held, where they look through to see what image they want to snap, and what each button does. Don't be technical and use as many examples as you can. They might not get it at first, but practice makes perfect and kids learn incredibly fast!
  1. Start off simple and go outside, the outdoors have a lot to offer visually for toddlers. flowers, tree, and animals are full of colors and textures that can catch their attention. This is also a great way to let them reconnect with nature and appreciate the essence of creation, it gives way for a great teaching experience.
  1. Plan certain activities that involve taking pictures. Have thematic photoshoots, prepare a list of things they need to take a picture of to create a photo scavenger hunt, encourage them to create a story with the images they take or have a portrait session with their stuffed animals or rag dolls.
  1. Always show them the end results, it's very important to cheer them on and acknowledge their work. Let them pick the ones they like more and create an album or scrapbook with their pictures. Not only does this make a wonderful keepsake, but it's also great for them to see how their skills improve over time.

There are tons of places and moments to be immortalized in a photo. Who knows, your child might be the next Annie Leibovitz or Robert Capa!

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