Puppy Love: Preparing Your Dog for Meeting your Newborn!

Puppy Love Preparing your dog for meeting your newborn 

We know you are super excited for the arrival of your little one, everyone in the family is helping out and preparing in their own ways. You’ve made sure that your other children feel comfortable and included in this whole process, but there’s someone important you should also be including in your plans...your dog!

Puppies need to be ready for the loud crying sounds, the occasional hair-pulling and having to share your attention with a brand new partner. Not to mention having to deal with an astounding amount of Aww”-inspiring photo ops with a cute camera hog! 


Want to start planning to ensure that your child will develop a lifelong friendship with the family dog? Here are some important five tips to start off with:

Time for basic behavior training.


Your doggy needs to understand and obey basic commands like No, Stop and Leave It. Ask another mom to bring her baby by the house for a supervised test run to assess their reactions and progress after their training sessions. Make sure that you are in charge at all time, and that your pooch reacts and responds assertively to you.


  • Know your dog’s stress signals.


  • Whoever said that dogs can’t communicate was very wrong. All animals, especially pets, use body queues to tell others what they are feeling or thinking. Before your little one arrives, learn about your pet’s
  • body language
  • to know when they are feeling ok to play around or to be near your baby. Tails between their legs, flattened ears, and lowered eyes are signs that your dog is feeling overwhelmed or nervous.  

  • You are not the only one that loves that new baby smell.

  • Before you take your newborn home from the hospital, have your dog take a sniff of a blanket with the baby’s scent. This will help them get used to the new smell and it will facilitate the recognition process once they meet. It’s important for you to make sure they don’t take it away, this way you are showing that you are the only one in control of everything associated with the scent. 

  • Puppy to child, not the other way around.

  • Don’t be pushy and make sure your furry buddy is the one to take the initiative to approach the new baby. In their own terms, dogs will analyze the baby and start scent recognition, so just give them enough time for the meet-and-greet when you arrive. Remember, you are bringing someone new into your pet’s territory and proper introductions are necessary. When they feel safe, they will make their way over to be introduced. Make sure to supervise, but try not to be too nervous or controlling.  Your dog will pick up on your tense energy.

  • Include your dog in your baby’s daily routine.

  • Thinking your puppy might feel neglected or pushed aside is heartbreaking. Do your best to interact with them on daily basis. Take out the stroller and go on long walks and serve them their own food right before feeding your newborn. The more your dog is around while you care for your baby, the more they will grow to trust and love one another and feel comfortable in each others presence.

    We recommend to always keep an eye on them, but we are pretty sure they’ll get along very well. Bonding is important, but once they get accustomed to having a new friend, they will love and protect them for the rest of their lives.

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