Things You Should Know Before Letting Your Kids Play Pokémon Go

A new craze has come up with the Pokémon Go app, which uses augmented reality to let players “catch” a Pokémon in real life locations. It's certainly a throwback to most parents and an innovative way to catch kids attention. But there are some risks involved that probably parents are unaware of, here are 5 you should know:
  1. Players have already reported hurting themselves in a variety of ways as they wander the real world with their eyes glued to their screens. Ankle injuries, cuts, falls, running  into glass doors and trees have been among the painful results.

  2. Some users have expressed concerns about profane and sexually explicit user names that players have on the game, which you may not want your children to see.

  3. Part of the game involves setting up a “lure,” which other players can see on the app, alerting them that in certain locations they can catch more Pokémon. Using this geolocation feature, robbers and predators are able to anticipate where their victims will be, especially kids

  4. Many players are wandering around their towns and cities, possibly traveling to less-than-safe areas. Your run the risk of having your kids going out alone looking for Pokémon far from home.

  5. According to the privacy policy, the app’s developers may collect information like the user’s email address, IP address, and location. They can even have access to your entire Google account, including emails, documents, photos, and more.
Maybe it's best to stick to traditional outdoor games like scavenger hunts or sports, and to reduce the time kids are spending on their mobile devices!

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