• 3D Sphere Puzzle
  • 3D Sphere Puzzle
  • 3D Sphere Puzzle
  • 3D Sphere Puzzle
  • 3D Sphere Puzzle
  • 3D Sphere Puzzle
  • 3D Sphere Puzzle

3D Sphere Puzzle

The 3D Sphere Puzzle is an award-winning game that combines motor and mental challenges for the most inquisitive minds. This three-dimensional game is built from a series of spheres fitting inside each other. This puzzle will help you train three muscle groups necessary for writing and drawing. Designed in Europe - Made with care and quality in Canada

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This 3D sphere is a puzzle for kids with 4 layers fitting inside each other. To disassemble it you need to twist the shells against the central sphere and remove the pieces one by one. To reassemble the sphere you need to start manipulating the pieces until all the layers are complete.


Have fun and Develop new Abilities 

Puzzles are a great way to increase concentration. We live in a fast paced world where we are forced to multitask on so many aspects, developing attention problems. Taking the time to put together a well designed puzzle is a great way to share time with your loved ones, put away any distractions and enjoy the challenge. 

This spherical Puzzle is great to increase attention focus. Usually there is only one way to assemble a puzzle, but the 3D sphere offers thousands of possibilities, allowing creativity and logical thinking. 


Puzzle Spheres helps in developing the following skills:


Fine motor: coordination of small muscle movements which occur in body parts such as the fingers and hand, usually in coordination with the eyes. This skill is needed in order to write, draw, pull, press etc.

Visual Processing: help children to understand what they see, recognize and identify different qualities that help them judge size, color, shape, spatial relations, and other things.

Logical Thinking: the process in which reasoning is used consistently in order to come to a conclusion. Reasonable, reflective thinking is aimed at deciding what to believe or what to do.


Recommended Age

5+ Years


Marko Pavlovic


ABS Plastic


3.27 inches


1 Lbs.

Designed in Croatia - Made in Canada