• Alphabet Train Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Alphabet Train Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Alphabet Train Jigsaw Puzzle

Alphabet Train Jigsaw Puzzle

All aboard! The jigsaw puzzle alphabet train is about to depart, and it is up to your child to attach the cars in the correct order. This Hat Boxed – Giant Alphabet Train features an engine and individually lettered cars for a total of 27 pieces. Distinctive cuts on each piece guide little ones during assembly. And a stylish hat box keeps everything contained when not in use.

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Children can cross the country or other continents with this alphabet train. Who knows where their imagination will lead them? When fully assembled, the jigsaw puzzle train measures well over nine feet long. Children will enjoy placing their stuffed animals and dolls in the various cars and coming up with exciting travel stories. Your little one will be off to the land of learning in no time! Kids can also use individual pieces to spell out their name and different words as they begin to read. This is an educational toy that grows with your child's skills and can be used in innovative ways as the years go by. 

Not Just Any Jigsaw Puzzle

So many jigsaw puzzles for kids are made of flimsy cardboard and become damaged within a matter of weeks. What is more, those images of puppies and kittens, while adorable to look at, do not do much for activating brain cells. The Hat Boxed – Giant Alphabet Train is made of thick and sturdy pieces of cardboard, so they will last through many hours of play. Extra-large pieces are easy for tiny hands to handle, and your little one will develop motor skills while putting pieces together. The capital and lowercase letters gently introduce the world of written language to your child. But this jigsaw puzzle is so much fun, kids learn incidentally, so they will never realize that they are learning to read !


Recommended for ages

 3 to 6 Years


Package Contents

27 jumbo pieces



 Assembled Puzzle Size: 3m x 15 cm
Designed in France