• Magic Circus Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Magic Circus Jigsaw Puzzle

Magic Circus Jigsaw Puzzle

Imagine the funniest day at the circus, all the characters that you have always imagined are here in the magic circus jigsaw puzzle. Lions, Elephants, the strongest man on earth and a lot more. Just put all the pieces together and bring this circus to life.

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A bunch of people and animals are having a circus party in this Magical Circus jigsaw puzzle. Featuring 54 pieces, this jigsaw puzzle will give your little one hours of unlimited fun while discovering amazing, unique and very special characters.


Have Fun and Develop New Abilities

Children's brain development is influenced significantly when they interact with the world around them. Jigsaw puzzles provide that key opportunity. Kids learn to work directly with their environment and change its shape and appearance when they play with puzzles.This beautiful Circus Puzzle helps the little ones develop the following skills:

Hand-Eye Coordination: When children flip, turn or remove the pieces of the puzzle, they are learning the connection between their hands and their eyes. The eyes see the jigsaw puzzle and then, the brain envisions how the puzzle needs to look or what piece needs to be found and placed.

Fine Motor Skills: Similar to the way hand-eye coordination is achieved, jigsaw puzzles provide the opportunity for children to develop fine motor skills, which require specialized movements that puzzles provide.


Recomended Age

6+ years






23 x 7 inches



1.4 Lbs



Designed in France