• Mommy Hen and Chick Puppets
  • Mommy Hen and Chick Puppets
  • Mommy Hen and Chick Puppets
  • Mommy Hen and Chick Puppets

Mommy Hen and Chick Puppets

One little, two little, three little, four little chickens !!! Mommy Hen and Chicks is an adorable plush toy for curious babies. She hides the four chicks in her belly and each little chick makes a particular sound. They can be used as hand and finger puppets too !




The stuffed mommy hen is the loveliest mother in the world, she hides her babies in her chubby belly to protect them from cold and fears. Each of these stuffed chicks has a different personality. Number 1 does a soft squeak sound to call his mother when he's hungry; number 2 does a chick sound to tell his brothers when he discovers something awesome; number 3 does a paper noise to invite his brothers to play, and number 4 is the musical one, he plays a bell sound when his mom is singing them lullabies.

Have fun and develop new abilities

Mommy Hen and Chicks is not only a lovely stuffed animal but also an amazing educational toy for babies who are just starting to discover the world. By playing with the little chicks, putting them in and out of the egg and mommy’s hen belly, kids will start developing fine motor skills. The little chicks are all numbered from 1 to 4, this can help kids to familiarize with numbers and math. Mommy Hen can also be used as a hand puppet and the chicks as finger puppets, allowing you to bring these characters to life by telling a story. With this educational toy, your kid can discover different sounds: rattle, paper noise, squeak, chick sound and bell sound.

Recommended Age

6+ months 




9.5 x 4 x 7 in 


0.42 lb 



Designed in Belgium