• Playable Wooden ART Cube
  • Playable Wooden ART Cube
  • Playable Wooden ART Cube
  • Playable Wooden ART Cube

Playable Wooden ART Cube

Introduce kids to the fun of a flexible sculpture with this Playable Wooden Art Cube. On the surface, it looks like a colorful set of wooden blocks, but this toy is so much more! The pieces are actually connected by durable elastic cords, so the modules can be flipped and twisted to form new shapes. The ultimate challenge is to get all of the pieces back into a solid wooden cube.




The Playable Wooden Art Cube consists of 12 rainbow-colored segments that twist and turn into endless shapes. Leave things symmetrical or set them helter-skelter. Keep the pieces in color order, or mix them up for contrast. Children will play for hours with this toy, which is designed and crafted with quality from natural maple wood and nontoxic water-based paints.

This bright toy can be incorporated into all kinds of play. The cube can be shaped to form a building, staircase, piece of furniture, or almost any other concrete object. That makes it the perfect prop for small dolls and action figures. But kids will have plenty of fun playing with the cube on its own, simply letting their imagination run free as they stretch, bend, and otherwise manipulate the modules into infinite new forms.

Not Just For Kids

This is one toy you might find yourself borrowing repeatedly. The Playable Art Cube's architectural quality inspires artists and designers of all ages. In fact, this cube is a favorite on the desks of adults in many creative jobs. So whether your favorite architect, decorator, or sculptor is a tot, teen, or tenured professional, this piece makes a great gift. It will inspire anyone who is a kid at heart. The blocks are painted in a full range of vivid hues for maximum visual stimulation and appeal. In fact, the 12 colors are represented on the color wheel, so the cube is a great way to learn about color theory and mixing. Of course, little ones will simply be drawn to the bright tones and be fascinated by the moving parts.

Recomended Age

3+ years


Wood: FSC-certified beechwood 
Non-toxic, water-based paint
Connector: Phthalate-free, durable POM plastics



Cube: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches.
Package: 5.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches.




1.4 Lbs
Designed in Germany