• Space Mission Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Space Mission Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Space Mission Jigsaw Puzzle

Space Mission Jigsaw Puzzle

How far can your imagination take you? Explore our space system with this Space Mission puzzle with exciting images of planets, a space station, astronauts and more. You'll need lots of "space" to assemble this beautifully illustrated 100-piece puzzle of our universe.

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Take a trip to the moon, watch our planet from outside, ask your kid to identify the sun, moon, planets, asteroids. How many stars are there? How many Astronauts? Ask him/her to identify the rocket, the spaceship. There are many ways there to get a lot of space fun while dreaming about being members of a real space mission.


Have and Develop New Abilities 

Children's brain development is influenced significantly when they interact with the world around them. Puzzles provide that key opportunity. Kids learn to work directly with their environment and change its shape and appearance when they play with puzzles. 

This out of this world Space Mission Jigsaw Puzzle helps the little ones develop the following skills: 

Hand-Eye Coordination: When children flip, turn or remove the pieces of the puzzle, they are learning the connection between their hands and their eyes. The eyes see the puzzle and then, the brain envisions how the puzzle needs to look or what piece needs to be found and placed.

 Fine Motor Skills: Similar to the way hand-eye coordination is achieved, puzzles provide the opportunity for children to develop fine motor skills, which require specialized movements that puzzles provide.


 Recomended Age

5+ years






25 x 7 inches



1.5 Lbs


Designed in France