• Circus Animals Stacking Toy
  • Circus Animals Stacking Toy

Circus Animals Stacking Toy

Start from the bottom with the Elephant and add other characters as you wish, to make a weird shape, it's a creative stacking toy for a lot of fun. I’ll tell you a secret, you can make up your own story!




Slot the 2 bases into the openings in the cover to form the base of the pyramid and put the elephant on it. With family or friends, stack all the other characters, wherever you want, facing any direction, to form the craziest pyramids! Will they keep their balance or will they tumble down roaring with laughter?


Have Fun and Develop New Abilities 

Stacking puzzles are a great way to increase concentration. We live in a fast-paced world where we are forced to multitask on so many aspects, developing attention problems. Taking the time to put together a well-designed puzzle is a great way to share time with your loved ones, put away any distractions and enjoy the challenge. 

This stacking toy is great to increase attention focus. Usually there is only one way to assemble a puzzle, but the pyramid offers many possibilities, allowing creativity and logical thinking. 

This toy encourages gross motor development, hand-eye coordination, and shape/color identification.


Recommended Age

3 + years.



Sturdy Cardboard



9.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 in 



0.8 lbs


Designed in Belgium