• Pair of Sticks for Tualoop Ring Wooden Game
  • Pair of Sticks for Tualoop Ring Wooden Game
  • Pair of Sticks for Tualoop Ring Wooden Game

Pair of Sticks for Tualoop Ring Wooden Game

Bring all the family together with more Tualoop wooden sticks. Tualoop is a must have game for children and adults. Perfect for a sunny afternoon in your backyard or a day at the beach. 100% Organic Materials. Made in Germany.




In a very simple way, Tualoop is about throwing and catching the ring with a pair of wooden sticks.

There are three techniques that you can use to throw the ring:

Throw the ring by pulling your arms evenly apart.

Let the ring fly vertically in a high curve. Aim to the ground to make it bounce and roll.

Give the ring a powerful thrust from one arm and let it float horizontally.

Finally your opponent should catch the ring using two sticks. To protect your hands, hold the sticks like a triangle.

There are other ways in which you can play Tualoop

The Game, Set, and Match: mark out 2 fields with a gap in between (for 2 players around 7 meters). You get points as soon as your opponent misses the ring, the ring remains lying in the field, or the ring remains outside the field after having touched it. 5 points per set, 3 sets to a match- Game, Set, and Match is also fun in doubles. Throw and catch the ring alternately!

Throwing Targets: Lay 2 x 4 wooden markers directly opposite each other. Choose the distance between the markers (and thereby the level of difficulty). Who is the first to hit all markers?

Golf: Build your own golf course with 8 targets. Play on any terrain and choose the distances . The most fun is to have a golf competition (one ring per person). Who can complete the course the quickest?

Group Tualoop: Play Tualoop with 3 and more players! Invent your own throwing techniques and rules.



A new way to enjoy time outdoor

Tualoop is an innovative wooden game that certainly is going to catch the attention of everyone in the park. The game is perfect for kids with lots of energy. Unglue your kids from screen devices and let them have fun in the backyard. It is great for exercising and play with the whole family. There are a lot of things behind a simple catching and throwing game. Tualoop is not just a game to have fun, it will definitely help your little ones and the whole family to develop and improve in the following areas: Fitness and Health Interaction with nature, social interaction, sharp reflexes and creativity.


Recommended Age

5+ Years  

Tualoop Pair of Sticks include

2 wooden sticks.


The sticks are made of German beech wood.


0.2 lbs


Made and designed in Germany