• Magnetic Kit - Wooden Firefighter SUV
  • Magnetic Kit - Wooden Firefighter SUV

Magnetic Kit - Wooden Firefighter SUV

A fantastic firefighter SUV is ready to play around with our little superheroes. Let's put on our firefighter suit and save the world. This great car is a 3D puzzle that children will love to assemble up.

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This toy can race to the zoo and save a herd of animals, or it can serve as a company car for "Mom" or "Dad" when playing house. This genderless toy offers plenty of excitement for both boys and girls. The bright red vehicle features a warning light, headlights, glossy black wheels, and an official emblem on the hood. This great-looking piece is beautifully made to last through all kinds of play scenarios. The Wooden Firefighter SUV not only entices children to pull it off the shelf repeatedly, but it also makes a terrific decorative item for a nursery, bedroom, or playroom.

A puzzle adventure in 3-d

Flat puzzles do teach essential skills such as small-motor coordination and spatial visualization. However, many puzzles are not much fun to play with once they have been put together, and they are outgrown quickly. Our Wooden Firefighter SUV is a multipurpose toy that your child will return to again and again. It is the perfect accessory for many types of dolls, or your child may simply want to role play and actually be the hero that day. This adaptable toy also serves in your child’s exploration of physics and mechanics. The Magnetic Kit – Wooden Firefighter SUV is made of sturdy parts that will last throughout childhood and beyond. Believe us: Your son or daughter will quickly learn the difference between plastic dollar-store toys and items that are built with quality. It is a lesson that will serve him or her well in the journey to becoming a discriminating and mindful adult.

Recommended Age

2 + years


19,5 x 9,5 x 9,5 cm


Design in France