We promote toys that give rise to happy kids, encourage positive values, and spark their creativity. Our movement strives to protect children from aggressive marketing tactics. Join us in our efforts to preserve their innocence and imagination.

Our toys promote:


We love creativeness. Most of our toys are designed by talented artisans around the world and are inspired by nature, animals, and fairy tales. Our toys look like works of art but we want kids to get them dirty and play with them for decades. There is not a single item in our catalog that has not been evaluated. Our toys challenge little ones to solve puzzles, learn valuable moral lessons, love nature, or inspire them about space traveling.


We want to collaborate with the process of creating a more kind world for our kids by promoting toys that don’t encourage violent behaviors. We have an obligation to protect their innocence by selecting toys that teach them good values, compassion for nature, and consideration towards their family members and other human beings.



We take toys safety seriously. Our toys are manufactured using only safe materials, from natural wood obtained using renewable sources to non-toxic lead-free paint. All our stuffed toys are washable and the sounds from our rattles, squeaky, and musical toys are not too loud, protecting your child’s ears. All our toys are internet free, they don’t record your kid's voices during playtime like some of the newest dolls do; we protect your children's privacy.


All our toys are carefully selected so they don’t have an unconscious impact on how boys and girls should behave. We stay away from toys that have indoctrinated children on specific social roles for decades. As an example, we don’t sell kitchens that are marketed exclusively to women. Gender equality is not only a fundamental right but a way to eradicate stereotypes and raise happy kids.


Children have the right to not be exploited and to live their precious childhood without fear of being undermined by corporate interests. Aggressive marketing techniques towards children, create an unhealthy environment where children are surrounded by a culture of materialism, self-indulgence, conformity, impulse buying, and mindless brand loyalty. Parents have the right to raise their children free of egregious corporate interests.


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