• Adorable Magnetic Wooden Helicopter
  • Adorable Magnetic Wooden Helicopter
  • Adorable Magnetic Wooden Helicopter

Adorable Magnetic Wooden Helicopter

Build this adorable wooden helicopter and let your imagination fly. This Cleverly designed educational toy is made from wood. Each of the pieces has magnet connectors which encourage you to fit it back together.

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Bring all the family together around building this easy wooden puzzle helicopter and get ready to unleash your creative imagination. Sections are connected by small magnets which come apart and snap together easily, encouraging children to rebuild the simple puzzle correctly. With a little pilot inside and spinning propellers on the roof and tail, this helicopter is a great toy for pretend play. This is a toy that values imagination, originality, creativity and is sure to guarantee happy kids many hours of fun exploring and building. This adorable helicopter is ideal for gifting, to cheer up celebrations, it's light enough to carry around and play in the car, school, park or home. It can be used as home decoration or as a great present for puzzle or sky lovers.

Have fun and develop new abilities

It is important for kids to interact with puzzles and building pieces. We live in a fast-paced world where we are forced to multitask on so many aspects, developing attention problems later on. Taking the time to put together a well-designed puzzle is a great way to share time with your loved ones, put away any distractions and enjoy the challenge. Building this adorable wooden helicopter improves imagination and creativity as it allows for the creation of the helicopter while transforming the 5 wooden magnetic pieces. The brain activity associated with constructing different forms helps children develop strong concentration powers.This adorable wooden helicopter is environmentally friendly, it helps to develop your little ones a sense of accomplishment and originality through the process of constructing and deconstructing. In addition, creating and designing is great for improving observation/analytical skills and thinking power all while having full enjoyment at play.Combining different 3D wooden structures will make your kid develop space perception and modeling skills. It also helps them develop artistic and creative skills while they have a great time and relax with friends and family.Materials
Natural Hardwood - Finished with Eco-Friendly natural plant oils. 
Non-Toxic Chid-Friendly Colors

Recommended Age

18 Months+ 


 6 x 5.75 x 5.6 in


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This product meets or exceeds safety specifications set forth by ASTM International (American standard) and the BSI (European standard).
Designed in France