• Amusing Stuffed Colorful Dog

Amusing Stuffed Colorful Dog

The Amusing Stuffed Colorful Dog is the perfect classic stuffed animal for toddlers and babies to discover new textures and colors.




The Amusing Stuffed Colorful Dog is the funniest friend your baby would ever have. He is soft and colorful, full of different textures that will allow your little one to discover new touch sensations in an old fashioned way.
Every day, the Amusing Stuffed Colorful Dog wakes up early in the morning and has a delicious breakfast full of whatever he can find in his bowl. When his belly is full, he takes a shower and dress up by picking clothes randomly. He doesn’t like white or black clothes, he prefers colorful and funny shirts, tights and pants. He loves kids, one of his favorite things is to be taken to the park on a baby stroller. He enjoys naps and play role games where he becomes anything your little one can imagine.

Have and Enjoy Exploring

Babies and toddlers are on the lookout for new adventures. Everything is interesting to them, the color of a necklace, a pair of glasses, food or animals. 

The best way to help your little ones discover new textures, sensations, colors and movements are by giving them harmless old fashioned toys that they can use to interact in many ways, with their hands or mouths. 
 That is the idea behind the Amusing Stuffed Colorful Dog, giving your kids a new way to interact with colors textures and sizes, helping them develop gross motor skills by grabbing the plush with one hand and passing it to the other hand; fine motor skills by using fingers to explore the ears, feet and tail.
Recommended Age
0+ months


Cotton, Polyester, Elastane, Acrylic. 100% polyester filling, machine washable at low temperature.


10 inches
0.4 lb


This product meets or exceeds safety specifications set forth by the BSI (European standard).
Designed in France