• Classic Circus Shadow Puppets

Classic Circus Shadow Puppets

This beautiful and classic shadow puppets set is a wonderful gift for story lovers. This time, the circus friends are ready to get the show started, let's take a sit and share a good time all together !

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This amazing shadow puppet set will allow your little ones to travel to the circus. It will allow your kids to understand that telling stories using images is one of the most powerful ways to transmit emotions and knowledge. A tool used by humans from ancient times to transmit knowledge. This set has the best ingredients for a fabulous old fashioned fairy tale, all you need is to add light and your imagination.

Imagine, Play & Learn

This stunning Circus Shadow Puppet toy will let your kids play in many different ways. They can be attendants to the story, be the ones putting on the show, creating a story and narrating it to their audience. Kids tend to pretend to play a lot, they use inanimate objects and give them action and motion while recreating all kind of activities and scenarios. Even though it looks like something simple, it is actually essential to their development. When kids engage in pretend play, they experiment different social and emotional roles of life. They also learn to cooperate when playing with other kids. You might have heard your child talking while playing alone. Imaginary play involves a lot of language skills, they learn how to connect phrases with different situations. Children imagination is almost endless, there are no barriers on their minds that tell them what can or can not be done. This ability to create different situations allow them to deal with a variety of problems to solve.

Recommended Age

3+ years.


Made of black laser cut card stock with wooden sticks.
Comes with 11 shadow puppets including an elephant, lion, clown, tightrope walker and more.


9.4 x 8.3 x 1.2 inches


0.2 lbs
Designed in France