• Kid's Classic Story Projector
  • Kid's Classic Story Projector

Kid's Classic Story Projector

It's showtime! Turn out the lights and let the stories unfold. This creative projector toy lets your little one be the director as he/she narrates the projected slides. Reintroducing a bit of a vintage feel to today's technology-driven world.

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Is it a flashlight? No, it's a "storybook torch!" This little projector comes with three different circus-themed discs that clip onto the end. When projected onto a wall, each tells a colourful story and encourages the development of a child's imagination. Disc one depicts a circus coming to town; Disc two shows a panic-filled scene in the animal cages, and Disc three shows that the lion has escaped! Each projected illustration is drawn in a brightly coloured, vintage style.

Product Type

Storybook Torch (Projector Toy)

Recommended Age

4 Years and +