• Classic Little Doctor Kit
  • Classic Little Doctor Kit
  • Classic Little Doctor Kit

Classic Little Doctor Kit

Let's encourage our little ones to dream of being a doctor. This charming doctor kit will allow your child to develop love towards helping and caring for others as well as making a great intro into one of the noblest professions in the world.

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The fantastic kids' Doctor kit is the perfect old fashioned toy for your little one. You can take it wherever you want as it is easy to carry around. 
Doctors and nurses are expressions of respect, care, affection and helping others. This valise will tie together the meaning of friendship and the importance of treating others kindly.
This classic wooden valise includes a set of great gadgets such as a tube of ointment, a bottle of throat lozenges, cloth gauze, a reflex hammer, a thermometer, syringe, a health journal and stethoscope all enclosed in a sweetly illustrated suitcase perfect for storage and travel. Illustrated by Camille Jourdy, this Kids' Doctor Kit  is the perfect classic toy for your kids to pretend to play and expand their imagination .

Have Fun & Enjoy

This classic wooden valise will help your child develop a love towards helping others and the medical field. Helping others will be a terrific social experience, one that shies away from violence and regards helping others as the ultimate noble goal.
This tool is a crusade towards endearing your little ones towards discovery, learning, and exploration of the wonderful field of medicine. Aside from the terrific valise and tools inside, your little one is sure to get guaranteed hours of fun.

Recommended Age

2+ Years



Wooden, Toxic-Free Plastic, Fabric



7.5" x 3" x 5.5"


Designed and Made in France