• Educational Forest Friends
  • Educational Forest Friends

Educational Forest Friends

Teach little ones to love and respect wildlife, plant life, and the entire natural world with the Educational Forest Friends. This set of beautifully designed, colorful figurines is everything your child needs to recreate a miniature forest: furry and feathered animals along with trees and other slotted woodsy props. Best of all, the recycled cardboard construction conserves resources, so it practices what it preaches.

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Trees, branches, stumps, and fallen logs are some of the props that create

the perfect habitat for this family of Forest Friends. The animals that live in

this habitat includes a deer, squirrel, fox, wolf, porcupine, hare, owl, and

other mammals, rodents, and birds. Kids can arrange the pieces in a number

of ways and tell stories about the characters themselves or the people who

move through the forest and interact with them.

This unisex toy is plenty of fun on its own, but it also works well as an

adjunct to other types of play. Children can mix the flora and fauna with

their other dolls and figures. Little ones might play school and teach the

names of creatures and plants. And after playtime is over, this set just looks

lovely being set up on a dresser top, table, or shelf.

Making The Forest More Friendly

Wooded areas can seem scary to tiny tots. Stories such as "Hansel and

Gretel" and "The Wizard of Oz" depict forests as being perilous places to

navigate. Teach your child that the woods can be a joyous and beautiful

place by offering Forest Friends to play with. Your budding biologist,

botanist or ecologist will learn the value of respecting nature.

This recycled and recyclable toy is also friendly to the environment. Unlike

plastics and other synthetic materials, you know that these pieces are safe

for your little one to play with and will not impact the earth negatively once

your child has outgrown the toy.


Recommended Age

3 + Years


1 figurine: 12x6 cm


Made from recycled cardboard


Designed in Netherlands