• Eloise The Stylish Rag Doll
  • Eloise The Stylish Rag Doll

Eloise The Stylish Rag Doll

Ooh La La ! A lovely rag doll has come all the way from Paris to share lots of times with your little ones. We present Eloise a stylish rag doll that wears a chiffon scarf with a grey dress that makes her look so pretty . Every kid will fall in love with her !

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Eloise likes to be hugged and to be told stories. She loves long trips to the park, sunny days and feeling the kindness of children surrounding her. She is the perfect companion for your little ones and will become their best friend for a long long time.
Dolls are expressions of cuteness, friendship, protection and care and the adorable Eloise will help your little one tie together the meaning of friendship and the importance of treating people well and being loyal to them.

Enjoy Playing and Learning with Your Best Friend

For your babies and toddlers, dolls and stuffed animals are objects of comfort and safety. They feel like their best friend is always there. When your little ones start growing up, dolls will teach them how to use their hands and fingers by grasping, grabbing and trying to hold them.
When your kid turns one or two years old, he or she will begin using imagination to create different stories that often involve their classic toys, they start to recognize that their favorite doll as their best friend. On the other hand, toddlers learn how to take care of their dolls, teaching them compassion and selflessness. Their motor skills also improve when they dress their dolls and move them around.
Dolls are also a great way for your little one to develop social skills and to learn how to interact with others. Eloise is the perfect doll to help your baby during these stages of development. She is kind, sweet and soft, with a beautiful smile that can only inspire your little one to be happy.

Recommended age

1+ year


Plush, cotton and polyester.


10.2 x 8.3 x 10.2 inches


1.3 ounces


This product meets or exceeds safety specifications set forth by ASTM International (American standard) and the BSI (European standard).
Designed in France