• The Friendly Stuffed Hen

The Friendly Stuffed Hen

Meet the Friendly Stuffed Hen, a carefully designed classic toy made by french artisans. She is extremely soft, making her perfect to cuddle and snuggle.




The Friendly Stuffed Hen is the perfect friend for your little one. You can take him wherever you want. You can take him to the park on the stroller, or make him dance on the crib until your baby falls asleep. You can also hang it in the car to entertain your kids while on the move. Let your children delight by touching its ultra smooth surface before enjoying a nap.

 Hens are pure expressions of kindness, affection and care, and this Friendly Hen will help your baby tie together the meaning of friendship and the importance of treating animals kindly.

Have Fun and Enjoy Exploring

Babies and toddlers are on the lookout for new adventures. Everything is interesting to them, the color of a necklace, a pair of glasses, food or animals. 

The best way to help your little ones discover new textures, sensations, colors and movements are by giving them harmless old fashioned toys that they can use to interact in many ways, with their hands or mouths. 

The Friendly Stuffed Hen can easily be taken anywhere and will help your baby in developing gross motor skills, this will also allow them to strengthen their arms. It doesn’t have small parts, so babies can explore it with their mouths too.

Recommended Age

0+ months



Cotton, Polyester, Elastane, Acrylic. 100% polyester filling, machine washable at low temperature.



12 x 7 X 7 inches



0.3 lb



This product meets or exceeds safety specifications set forth by the BSI (European standard).



Designed in France