• Great World Map Double Sided Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Great World Map Double Sided Jigsaw Puzzle

Great World Map Double Sided Jigsaw Puzzle

Globes are educational, but they are not much fun. Children love to learn about geography and culture with our great World Map jigsaw puzzle. This educational toy is double-sided for a full view of the planet earth, so your little one gets to see both sides of the planet. The pieces are contained in a decorative handled hat box, so this world map puzzle travels with you.

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The concept of Planet Earth can be overwhelming to little ones. This world map jigsaw puzzle teaches kindness and encourages children to be curious and ask questions about other countries and the people and animals that live in or come from them. Your kids will also be more eager to travel after seeing all the new things that await them away from home. More than a jigsaw puzzle, our great World Map puzzle makes a perfect backdrop for other games such as school, house, or dolls. Children can daydream and pretend they are famous athletes or important figures who travel worldwide to inspire people everywhere. Or they can assign a home to each of their stuffed animal friends.

 What a Wonderful World

Modern children are very much aware of different cultures and languages. The internet and increasing international mobility have made our great melting pot even richer in the past several years. Maps and puzzles of the United States alone have their purpose, but many children do not realize how small our country is physically in relation to the rest of the world. Our Blue World Planet Puzzle puts our place into perspective. We are sure that Our Blue Planet is an educational toy your children will return to repeatedly during different types of play. The cardboard pieces are thick and sturdy, so they withstand repeated assembly and disassembly. The cut edges make it easy to distinguish which side of the puzzle you are working with.

Recommended Age

5+ years






25 x 7 x 25


1.6 Lbs


Designed in France