• Kubix - 50 Maxi Building Blocks
  • Kubix - 50 Maxi Building Blocks

Kubix - 50 Maxi Building Blocks

These are no ordinary building blocks! When you think of blocks, you may automatically think of cubes and cuboids. Kubix – 50 Maxi Building Blocks is a set of vividly painted, whimsically patterned, and alternatively shaped solid wood blocks. Sure, you will get the traditional block shapes that are necessary for a good foundation. But you also get an assortment of alternative shapes— balls, cones, and triangular prisms—for real architectural fun.




Kids will have a blast arranging and rearranging these Kubix – 50 Maxi Building Blocks. From bridges and fortresses to arenas and model cities, there truly is no end to the different ways children will come up with to use these building blocks. As a bonus, many of the shapes feature eye-catching motifs and patterns, adding a special touch to any creation. Give a robot eyes, put faux wheels on a vehicle, or mark a stage with glitzy stars. Wooden Building blocks can be incorporated into other kinds of play as well. The pieces, which come in a mix of primary and pastel hues, make great furniture for dolls or can be used to spell out different words.

Not "Just Blocks"

Most blocks are a dime a dozen, but this set stands out from the pack. You and your child will instantly see the difference when opening Kubix – 50 Maxi Blocks. The unusual color variations, shapes, and prints take block play to a whole new level. Nontoxic paints make this toy safe for little ones who still like to taste as a way of exploring their environment. And the set comes in a handled box that's perfect for gifting or just toting to the babysitters. Wooden building blocks teach a number of different skills and are appropriate for a wide range of ages, from tykes to school-age children. Kids learn about stacking, gravity, mass, colors, shapes, building a larger object out of smaller components, and much more.

 Recommended Age

 3 + Years




20 x 20 x 20 cm


3.5  lb


Designed in France