• Little Doctor Suitcase
  • Little Doctor Suitcase

Little Doctor Suitcase

Amazing set of medical tools for your little ones to pretend to play for hours. Children dream to be a Fireman, Policeman or off course a great Doctor. Let's encourage them to become superheroes !

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The Kids' Doctor Set is the perfect toy for children who like to pretend to play everyday situations, such as a visit to the clinic. The medical bag contains:

• 1 syringe
• 1 reflex hammer,
• 1 disinfectant,
• 1 bandage roll,
• 1 stethoscope,
• 1 otoscope,
• 1 thermometer,
• 1 spatula,
• 1 file prescriptions
• 1 pencil

Accessories are precise and very inviting, and fun to them is a pleasure, especially for kids who like to imitate adults. Such fun to help them familiarize themselves with everyday life and assimilate the rules of social behavior. The rectangular medical bag is zippered and made of a material in red (black sides) with a characteristic sign of the cross. It has a solid black carrying handle and looks very elegant. Ideal for a gift. 

Recommended Age

3 Years and Up


Most items made of wood and painted with safe for children's paints.