• Magnetic Wooden Cow
  • Magnetic Wooden Cow

Magnetic Wooden Cow

Assembly this beautiful wooden cow and enjoy creating funny stories. 5 smooth pieces of wood that can be easily assembled, discover a cute and amazing creature.

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Assembly toys promote creativity, physical activity, and problem-solving skills. They also require good motor skills to put the pieces together. The Magnetic Wooden Cow will help your little ones to develop hand-eye coordination and a tight grasp while putting together and taking apart all the pieces. By deciding where each piece of this cute sheep should go, your child will develop cognitive and dimensional skills. Help your little ones to develop creativity by allowing them to assemble different animals from the magnetic wooden range. They can assemble all sorts of creatures using parts from different animals, and imagine the world full of wonderful stories.

Recommended Age

2+ years


Wood pieces and water paint


5.12 x 2.05 x 2.91 inches


0.33 lbs
Designed in France