• Numbers & Letters Colorful Building Blocks
  • Numbers & Letters Colorful Building Blocks

Numbers & Letters Colorful Building Blocks

Hours of creative building blocks play await your child with these Numbers & Letters Colorful Building Blocks! Each solid wood block features a random selection of charming hand-painted letters and numbers in varying fonts. This versatile set of 40 colorful cubes encourages matching, stacking, sequencing, sorting, and spelling. This high-quality toy is a tremendous value that will grow with your child's skills and last for years.

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There are so many ways to have fun with this incredible set of  building blocks! It might be faster and easier for us to tell you what you cannot do with these Numbers & Letters Colorful Building Blocks. But we will give you some ideas to get you started. First of all, cubic blocks can be stacked and arranged to form shapes and towers. The youngest children will enjoy this traditional building block play as well as color sorting. As kids start reading, they will be able to identify the characters and lay out the blocks in alphabetical and numerical order. But these building blocks keep going! School-agers love to use the blocks to spell out their name or other words. They can write out coded messages by arranging the blocks and then flipping each one over a set number of times. Kids can also incorporate the blocks into dramatic play and other activities.

Have Fun and Develop new Abilities

Well-designed toys like these Numbers & Letters Colorful Building Blocks have so much to offer in the way of both entertainment and education. These building blocks will help your child
strengthen hand and finger muscles. 
develop manual dexterity. 
improve hand-eye coordination. 
explore the laws of physics. 
solve problems. 
identify colors, numbers, and letters. 
practice counting, spelling, and reading. 
form larger shapes out of smaller individual units. 
exercise creativity by coming up with new ways to use them
The smooth texture, bright colors, and nontoxic water-based paint invite exploration. These beautiful, durable blocks outclass and outlast other brands of blocks. While it may sound clichéd, the fact is that the only limit to using these cubes is your child's imagination.

Recommended Age

1+ Years


Wood. Finished with non-toxic paint


6.7L x 6.7W x 6.7H inches


1.5 lb
Designed in France