• Philibert The Stuffed Dog
  • Philibert The Stuffed Dog

Philibert The Stuffed Dog

Every child should have a pet and Philibert the Stuffed Dog is just the one for your kids. His stuffed, velvety body is complemented by cheerful floral classic designs.

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Philibert the Stuffed Dog has crossed the Atlantic to find a new home with you. He is eager to become your child’s new best friend and learn about American culture. Although he is a little worried about this treat called a “hot dog,” he trusts that he will be safe with your family. Just one look tells you that Philibert is not like any other dog. His proudly poised muzzle gives him an air of confidence that is sure to rub off on your child. A bright purple-and-pink plush body provides plenty of visual and tactile stimulation, as do his floral ears and tail. A striped pink scarf adds just a touch of French chic. When it is time for Philibert to take a nap or he starts feeling homesick, he loves to rest in his sturdy paperboard doghouse.
Putting him to bed is a good visual cue for your child to snuggle down as well. He is a loyal companion who can handle whatever life dishes out.
Stuffed animals provide the unconditional love that every child (and adult!) needs for healthy development. Philibert makes the perfect silent companion and confidante for your precious one. Your little boy or girl can relax around this Parisian pooch.
Of course, there are tons of classic toys on the market, but many come apart at the seams or lose eyes long before a child has outgrown them. Philibert the Dog is designed to hold up to rough handling, so your child can actually play with him instead of letting him sit on a shelf. He has lots of places for your child to hold or carry him by. And do not worry about those little candy-covered hands: This adaptable dog can be machine-washed, so he stays fresh, clean, and germ-free.

Recommended Age

1+ year


Cotton, Polyester and Elastane
Washable (Hand wash recommended) and air dry.


6 inches long 
Designed in France