• Racing Wooden Retromotor
  • Racing Wooden Retromotor

Racing Wooden Retromotor

Vroom! Vroom! Kids will be in a hurry to get their hands on this sleek toy. The Racing wooden retro-motor is attractively painted and detailed to resemble a classic racecar. The driver is outfitted for safety with a helmet and goggles as he keeps his eyes intently on the road ahead. Children will enjoy inventing victory stories for this hero and incorporating him into a number of other pretend play games.

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The Racing Wooden Retromotor car will entertain your little one from the start of playtime to the checkered flag. Regardless of a child's age, this vehicle has something to offer in the way of fun. The tiniest tots will love to look at and hold the car, rolling it back and forth and marveling at the motion of the wheels. As children grow, they will host their own races and tell stories about the driver's adventures on and off the course. This racer and his vehicle make a great gift for your kids or anyone else's. Anyone who receives this car will be on the fast track to fun in no time.

 It's not whether they win or not...

Boys and girls alike love racing, whether it's hopping across the lawn in a potato sack or encouraging tortoises to head toward the finish line. Car racing brings, even more, excitement to the concept, with its bright colors, loud noises, and cheering crowds. Reenacting races at home teaches little ones about friendly competition, sportsmanlike conduct, and losing graciously. Kids may also become more interested in other sports and recreational activities in general. While you may find plenty of other race-car toys on the market, none measures up to the French-designed Racing – Retromotor. This wooden toy is painted with nontoxic colors and built to last. It is a beautiful item that will not sit on the shelf very long before your child pulls it out to play with it again.


 Recommended Age

3 + Years


Wood. Finished with non-toxic paint



8.7 x 3.5 x 5.5 cm



0.11 lb


Designed in France