• Stacking Racing Pyramid
  • Stacking Racing Pyramid
  • Stacking Racing Pyramid

Stacking Racing Pyramid

The road race is on! Children love to stack these printed boxes to put the puzzle together. When they are done, kids can knock down the stack and start all over again.

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Stacking puzzles offer so many different types of play. Putting the boxes together is just the beginning. Because each box is numbered from 1 through 10, kids learn to count and associate greater numbers with larger sizes. Varying bright colors offer visual stimulation. The act of stacking develops coordination and a basic understanding of physical concepts. Of course, knocking it all down is great fun for children as well. Little ones also enjoy just rolling the boxes or using them as stages for animal figures, action figures, and dolls. Boxes can also be used as hand drums or turned upside down to hold smaller toys. The only limit is your child's imagination.

Multipurpose toys that stretch the imagination

Educational toys like this that are designed and made with quality will not be set aside and forgotten about. Because these stacking boxes are made of sturdy board, they endure hours of handling, falling, and being knocked about. When it is time to clean up, the cylinders nest neatly inside each other, taking up very little space in the toy box or on a shelf. Real toys are designed to grow and change with your child. This Stacking Pyramid Racing puzzle is an appropriate gift for a 12-month-old, yet its usefulness evolves as the child's brain develops. Kids will play with this set for years, up until they head off to school.

Recommended Age

12+ months




Arrives in box complete with carrying handle
Contains ten nested, round cardboard elements


34.4 x 5.3 X 5.3 inches


1.2 lbs.
Designed in France