• Stuffed Puppy Squeaker
  • Stuffed Puppy Squeaker

Stuffed Puppy Squeaker

Babies are always looking to discover the world around them. They are interested in sounds, colors & textures. The stuffed puppy squeaker is the perfect educational toy for baby explorers.




Playing with educational toys is the way in which babies learn and interact with the world. They need opportunities to play with toys of different materials, shapes and texture and also toys that help them develop their creativity and imagination.
The Stuffed Puppy Squeaker is perfect for physical interaction but is also intended to become your little one’s best friend, allowing him to develop a deep understanding of friendship and love.

Have fun and develop new abilities

Toddlers need tons of attention and activities to help them discover the world around them. One of the most important things for babies from 0 - 6 months is to develop fine motor skills that allow them to grab objects and interact with them. Stuffed Puppy squeaker is the perfect toy to help them during this learning journey. They will be able to grab it with their hands and squeeze it. The squeaking sound will grab your little one's attention and will help them learn that every action has a reaction. Stuffed Puppy squeaker is safe enough to be used as a teether, it does not have any small parts and is very soft to the touch.

Recommended Age

0+ months




6 x 1 x 1 in


0.04 lb
Designed in Belgium