• Stuffed Thinker Monkey

Stuffed Thinker Monkey

This stuffed animal will be the best friend for your little ones. The Stuffed Thinker Monkey is the perfect classic toy to bring kindness and happiness to your kids life.

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This sweet and cute stuffed animal is perfect to become your little one’s best friend. He is very soft and has many textures full of warm feelings. The belly has bright colors to catch the attention of babies.
The Stuffed Thinker Monkey is a very quiet friend, making him the perfect and softest companion for a long night of sweet dreams.

Have fun and develop new abilities

Babies and toddlers are on the lookout for new adventures. Everything is interesting to them, the color of a necklace, a pair of glasses, food or animals. 

The best way to help your little ones discover new textures, sensations, colors and movements are by giving them harmless old fashioned toys that they can use to interact in many ways, with their hands or mouths. 

The Thinker Monkey is not only a harmless classic toy, but it is a pure expression of cuteness, kindness and love. We guarantee timeless hours of joy and beautiful everlasting memories.

Recommended Age

0+ months


High quality plush fabric.


13 x 5.5 X 5.5 in.


1 lb.


Comes in its own decorative tube shaped box.
Designed in France