• Stuffed Tooth Fairy Mouse
  • Stuffed Tooth Fairy Mouse

Stuffed Tooth Fairy Mouse

Your little ones are growing up, milky teeth are starting to fall and they are crazy about putting their teeth with their Stuffed Tooth Fairy Mouse.

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We were all once happy toothless kids. Those classic memories of balancing teeth about to fall and the face everyone made when you showed them, are irreplaceable.
Tooth fairies are a tradition that vary between countries. In America, the tooth fairy is used to ease the trauma of loosing baby teeth, kids get paid for the fallen teeth left under the pillow. In some Hispanic cultures like Spain, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia, the tooth fairy is replaced by a funny little mouse called Ratón Perez (Perez Mouse).
He collects the teeth under a child’s pillow and replace it with a gift. Sometimes it is money, but what kids get is always a surprise. In South Africa, they also leave the tooth and get some money. But they don’t leave it under a pillow, instead their tooth goes into slippers. In India, China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam kids throw the teeth to the roof or place it under the floor.
While doing so they yell out a wish that the missing tooth be replaced by a the tooth of a mouse, who have plenty of teeth that continually grow. In France, they have their own mouse: “La Bonne Petite Souris”. This tiny mouse will also collect teeth left under pillows and exchange them for money or sweets.

Recommended Age

0+ months


 Cotton and Polyester
The box in which he sleeps is made from cardboard.


3 x 5.5 x 2 inches


0.6 ounces
Designed in France