• Wooden Circus Figures
  • Wooden Circus Figures
  • Wooden Circus Figures

Wooden Circus Figures

Come on everybody, the best show on earth is about to start!! Lions, elephants, tigers, monkeys, clowns, acrobats and a gorgeous balancing girl. All together to bring the best circus to your home. Don’t forget the popcorn and candies. The wooden circus set guarantees hours of huge fun.

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The bell rings, lions start to practice their fearful roars, monkeys stretch their legs, arms and tails, acrobats and clowns are having breakfast. But, wait a minute. Where is Mr. Elephant? Oh no! Mr. Elephant is late again. After breakfast everyone starts dressing up, the makeup artist is already painting stars on Mr. Elephant’s belly. They are excited, and getting ready for the most spectacular night of their lives, their first show at home !
The Wooden Circus is perfect for kids who love to imagine and create stories. We guarantee endless hours of fun, creativity, and laughs.

Have Fun and Develop New Abilities

Kids tend to pretend to play a lot, they use inanimate objects and give them action and motion while recreating all kind of activities and scenarios. Even though it looks like something simple, it is actually essential to their development. When kids engage in pretend play, they experiment different social and emotional roles of life. They also learn to cooperate when playing with other kids. You might have heard your child talking while playing alone. Imaginary play involves a lot of language skills, they learn how to connect phrases they know with different situations and how they can help them interact with other people. 

Recommended Age

3+ years

The Wooden Circus includes

1 circus tent (box), 8 circus performers, 1 elephant, 1 tiger, 1 monkey, 1 horse, 1 truck, 1 trailer, 1 ring of fire, 3 performance stands


All items are made from wood except the box that is made from heavy cardboard


10.83 x 1.97 x 7.87 in


1 lb
Designed in France