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  • Wooden Safari Park
  • Wooden Safari Park

Wooden Safari Park

Pack your bags, we're going to a safari! With this funny wooden safari park, two cheerful people are ready to zoom across the savannah to meet animal friends. The alligator, zebra, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, and lion are waiting for you. This exciting educational toy is perfect for imaginative play and fine motor skills, and much more! Open the cargo door to unload the colorful animals.

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Kit and Matthew began their African safari at the watering hole. They had two days to see all the wildlife they could. Their parents and the guide kept them safe.
The first morning ten elephants claimed the waterhole for their morning bath. Soon Kit counted eighteen zebras coming for water. A dozen baboons wandered in and started making noise and acting silly. Matthew laughed hard and loud at their antics. His noise sent five zebras running off.
The next day everyone rode into the bush. They paused to look at a lone rhino standing in a clearing. While they were looking, the rhino began to charge them. Kit and Matthew screamed, but the guide drove them to safety. Further on they found a pride of eight lions dozing under an acacia tree. Above the lions played twenty-two monkeys in the tree. Matthew and Kit saw a giraffe with a baby standing beside a tree. The giraffe stretched to reach its food with its tongue. A trio of jackals moved nearby to threaten them. The jackals ran out of sight when the jeep came too close to them. Everyone was tired. They’d seen no leopards, or hyenas, or cheetahs. Lions hadn’t roared, but a rhino had threatened them. What an exciting adventure they had !
Story by Claudette J. Young

Have Fun and Develop New Abilities

Kids tend to pretend to play a lot, they use inanimate objects and give them action and motion while recreating all kind of activities and scenarios. Even though it looks like something simple, it is actually essential to their development. When kids engage in pretend play, they experiment different social and emotional roles of life. They also learn to cooperate when playing with other kids. You might have heard your child talking while playing alone. Imaginary play involves a lot of language skills, they learn how to connect phrases they know with different situations.

Recommended Age

3+ years


All safari animals and people are made from wood. The storage box which doubles as the Safari Park play backdrop is made from cardboard.

Safari park includes

1 elephant, 1 hippo, 1 giraffe, 1 lion, 1 zebra, 1alligator, 1 antelope, 1 ostrich, 1 monkey, safari explorer, safari nurse, cruiser, and trailer, 2 palm trees, 4 fence sections


8.25 x 10.75 x 2 inches


1.4 lbs
Designed in France